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Over the past few months, we have all had to reinvent our homes to multitask as home offices, gyms, yoga & pilates studios. In Singapore, most bedrooms are not large spaces and as a result tend to become a low priority despite 1/3 of our lives being spent in bed.
Everything that does not have a home in the living room, tends to find a spot on the window ledge!

How to make the room feel larger?

Serenity is what we crave at the end of each day. Books & handbags stacked up on window seats or worse the floor, clothes in a pile & exercise bicycles or weights are the antithesis to relaxation.

Lamp or lights, fresh flower or plant and a water glass should be the only essential items surrounding the bed (well if you have space an upholstered ottoman is a must!).


According to a NASA clean air study, the peace lily is one the of the best plants for removing main toxins in the air. It also removes spores, reducing the risk of allergies.


Bed placement plays a crucial role in how cluttered the space will feel. It is the largest piece of furniture in the room or any bedroom for that matter so experiment and move it around!

Once you have found the right spot then bedding becomes an essential focus. A monochrome base keeps the atmosphere calm. A plush pile of pillows (combination of Euro and Standard) makes it inviting and finish off with a woven bedspread across the top. This will add a pop of color or texture to the bed.


Bedside mirrors above a shelf or each side table gives the room scale and light. A floor mirror or wall mirror can work to fill dead spots in the room.


Less is more - Avoid heavy furniture and opt for leggy side tables or ceramic chinese stools. Single picture ledges are a great way to provide storage without looking cluttered. Top either option with wall lights - you will need to touch and paint when you leave anyway with pictures/mirrors on walls so factor in and save that space without skimping on style!


Drawing the eye upwards is another way to deal with limited square footage. Hanging a ceiling light or even a contrasting colour fan will make an enormous difference. 


If space is at a premium then avoid placing a rug as it will make the room actually feel smaller.



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